Private clouds-The safest option for your company.

A private cloud is the ideal solution for any company that wants more IT flexibility and efficiency while keeping business – critical data safe and sound within its four walls. Private clouds maximize the benefits of virtualization and shared IT infrastructures offering greater business agility and lower costs.


The benefits of private business clouds.

Lower costs: IT slash costs up to 50% with the only unified architecture and leading storage efficiency technology in the industry.

Higher efficiency: increase efficiency in operation and management through automation of services and processes.

Greater flexibility: by providing and securing systems, responding more quickly to business requirements while activating new applications in days or hours instead of weeks.

IT resources on demand: enable in-house departments and users to quickly and securely access shared resource pools without interfering with data backups.

Automated supply: create self – service portals that allow in-house groups to access the resources they need with minimal IT support assistance.

Better transparency: use private cloud computing to monitor and analyses who uses which resources


Easy to get started. Convenient to expand.

The BITS Private Cloud is ultra-easy to deploy so you can begin reaping the benefits straight away. Migrating your digital assets into the BITS data centers is now much faster than ever before, accelerating the creation of virtual servers, network configuration and easy resource allocation—effectively shortening the transition phase to an absolute minimum.

BITS Virtual Private Cloud benefits.

certified operations

Tier 3+ data center

Expert staff looking after your solution

BITS-quality support

Powerful performance

Modular, scalable services

Geo-redundancy (optional)

24×7 control center and other operational services

Transparent invoicing

Off-premise cloud – With extra security, by BITS.

Many companies can’t afford to provision and manage their own on-premise cloud solution. On the other hand, they don’t want to keep their valuable data in a public cloud space, either.  The answer to this dilemma is their own off-premise solution run by a partner they can trust, effectively leveraging the cloud while maintaining full control over their data.
Benefits of a private, off-premise cloud run by BITS.

Data is stored exclusively in

Full control over all business data

Maximum network security

Cloud solution tailored to your exact needs

BITS’s private cloud services can be combined with other value-added services provided by BITS Hosting & Operations, as well as managed services

What must be considered when migrating data? What strategies are essential to achieving a successful cloud solution?

Your perfect cloud – private, business or hybrid?

More and more companies choose to move their data and business applications into the cloud, with many choosing a combination of different services to match the different usage cases throughout their organization with the best solution for each task. BITS therefore doesn’t offer a cloud service. We offer many with a single source to support your perfect multi-cloud strategy. Just mix and match solutions from different suppliers to meet your individual needs and manage them all via BITS.

simultaneously use multiple cloud services and platforms

Enjoy optimal flexibility to meet various needs

Ensure top-notch data availability

Stay on track with excellent system stability

Save money at the best price with the best solution

As a multi-cloud service provider, BITS offer a very flexible service model that easily adapts to individual customer needs and IT infrastructures. All data are stored in highly secure data centers located in . Plus, comprehensive support from BITS means you can simply scale your cloud capabilities to stay on top of your changing needs. A single portal allows you to add, delete, monitor and manage all of your cloud services for maximum transparency with direct invoicing.

Extra security with Cloud

Would you like to use your data all over the world while benefiting from quality standards? Then you’ll find Microsoft’s cloud.

Microsoft Cloud lets customers retain full control of their data at all times. Customer data are exclusively stored in, with physical and logical access controlled by a data trustee, no matter where in the world users access the data or services.

Cloud benefits.

Customer data are stored exclusively in

Subject to data protection regulations

Specific certifications guarantee compliance

Local data centers ensure low latency