Network solutions of Bits Secure IT act guarantees stability in the business processes of customers, providing uninterrupted operation of network infrastructure at the maximum productivity. We provide comprehensive services for technical support and support of the network infrastructure of information systems.

Lack of maintenance of these resources will result in frequent breakdowns and ultimately will make you lose business. For start-ups, this will seriously affect their growth and for giant companies, this might lead to huge financial loss. Hence, it is essential that every IT company has an annual maintenance contract active.

Remember, an AMC is not just to get your problems resolved free of cost but it is mainly about the maintenance of your It equipments to avoid any issues in the future.

Most companies that offer AMC services will get your problems resolved free of cost but the lost productivity time of yours could never be brought back.

At BITS, we make sure that apart from getting expert services for free during a breakdown, we do periodic system checks to keep your systems and servers running properly to avoid any breakdowns in the future.


Some of the our annual maintenance contract services include

24X7 Customer Support

Remote & Onsite Support

Network Security Monitoring

Customer collaboration

Standby Spares & Backups

Yearly Anti-Virus Software Upgrade

Restoring Defective Parts

 System Troubleshooting & OS Installation

  • Bits Secure IT Infrastructure is well-equipped with a team of highly qualified experts who have been rectifying and maintaining the IT equipments and services of various IT companies. All you need to do is contact us and tell your IT requirements and we’ll devise a customized plan that covers all the IT services your company requires.

Bits Secure IT is a leading IT service and solution company in Dubai, Oman, USA & India that provides annual high quality and cost-effective maintenance of your information technology solutions under its famous program named AMC (annual maintenance contract). AMC offers a quality driven approach towards maintenance and provides end-to-end customized solutions to all your requirements.

An AMC IT Support Contract with our company will ensure that all your information technology would be maintained by a team of highly qualified, experienced and trained IT professionals that would make you feel like they’re just an external part of your team.

In today’s evolving & volatile economy in UAE, businesses must ensure that they’re working with a responsive and dependable IT Support Company to keep their technology up and running at all times. Hence, our service centers specialize in providing proactive IT services and support for businesses all over UAE.

Our IT Support and Services include:

 24/7 maintenance and monitoring to keep your technology running while preventing downtime and disruptions

 Disaster recovery and Data Backup to ensure your IT systems and information are recoverable in the event of a tragedy

 IT procurement to assist you in procuring the right software and hardware for your unique needs, requirements, and budget

 Remote and Onsite IT support to resolve IT issues and address questions or concerns in a timely and efficient manner

 Network security to protect your business and your network, towards emerging security threats, such as malware and viruses

 A fixed rate to help you budget your funds accurately, every year while preventing surprise invoices

Why should you choose Bits Secure IT as your IT AMC Support and Services Partner?

We are a trusted IT services & solutions provider all over UAE

Highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable team of IT professionals work together

 Transparent and Honest in business practices and advice

Switching and Painless transitioning couldn’t be easier

 Clear communication that will always keep you in the loop

An AMC is at the upward thrust with new technologies and threats rising and coping with IT in an organization has emerged as a tedious assignment. Many agencies regularly tend to deviate from their core abilities to solve their IT troubles. Hence they end up dropping their resources, adequate time and employee productivity in turn.

We provide the finest IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service in all over UAE. This can help you achieve your competitive advantage without worrying about unnecessary hassle’s which would decrease your productivity. Availability of spare parts, proper coordination, technical expertise and support capabilities across a wide range of products enables Navigator Services to provide maximum uptime.