The Future of Unified Communications

Greg Garrett, Area Sales Manager at 3CX says that the past 3 days have been fantastic for the company in terms of new customer meetings and striking meaningful conversations with them. “We have been meeting a variety of people from different verticals who were asking questions about UC solutions and trying to find PBX system that is cost effective. 3CX is created as a package which is very feature rich and has all the major functionalities than any of the competitors in the market. It is easy to set up and maintain.”

Talking about the innovative features, Greg says, “We have tried to release a lot of innovation by adding critical features and specifications to our PBX systems that add extra value to customer experience. We are a purely software based PBX and we are also launching the hot desk feature and thus continuing the innovation spree. We also do the licensing model where we do not copy the competitors. We don’t license by extension. You can have unlimited extension with 3CX. That’s unique in this market place.”

“With our security features, we are one of the most secure PBX systems in the market. We are really pushing through the cloud. We see the future and it is moving towards cloud rapidly. We are making huge investments in that area and trying to choose key technology partners to help us in this journey.” Talking about BITS Secure I.T, their partner, Greg adds, “BITS is very capable and have deep knowledge and expertise of 3CX products and that is what made us prosper in this partnership. We are a 100% channel driven company and we completely rely on our partners to go to the customers.”