Protect your business assets with security solutions

IT security nowadays involves far further than just setting up an active firewall. Security needs to be observed as an vital part of an organization, particularly when you understand that over a sector of cyber-attacks really originate from in your particular infrastructure, conferring to the findings of the Investigations Report.  It’s here that businesses are most susceptible. Furthermore, unhindered entry to the network is a gold excavation for all sorts of cyber criminals with only 2% of outbreaks being observed after a few minutes had conceded and 70% after a few months or even later.

Security – The 360-degree solution for maximum security.

IT security has turn out to be a multifaceted subject. Assailants are continuously altering how they function. 50 different types of attack have already been classified, and the number just keeps on increasing meaning that companies who want to arm themselves against all attack scenarios require elaborate security solutions.

Security offers you a complete solutions collection in order to guarantee determined safety against cyber-attacks.

The BITS security resolution is an all-inclusive cyber protection policy that is collected of numerous security process center components—on site with the client or as an outside solution. In this method, you can guard your business by sensing threats as quickly as they appear and proactively battling them. Your benefit: With BITS, Security as your partner, you’ll be able to focus on looking after business, while we take care of security.

BITS has dedicated competence team with certified security engineers and consultants covering the following areas:

Application security

Cloud security

Cybercrime & defense

Data center security

Data backup and information security

Infrastructure and perimeter security

Workplace security


BITS’s certified security experts are constantly furthering their knowledge in all relevant technologies and topics. And BITS work with all leading security vendors, usually holding the maximum partner status.


Your benefits:

Preparation, execution, examination and process—all from a single source.

Certified Security engineers and consultants

Extensive expertise and collaboration with leading security vendors


Security: Data center security.

Current hybrid data hubs must be protected on a gathering of layers across corporal and virtual systems. IT security necessity incorporate the complete information center infrastructure, keeping in mind that over 90% of corporate IT resources today are virtual. The same applies irrespective of how these resources are made available to users, whether this happens via OpenStack, VMware or containerization.

IT managers must be immediately warned to any unforeseen changes on the file or configuration layer and to any policy breaks that might happen within their location. That’s why BITS implement leading security solutions that assimilate flawlessly with our clients’ virtual situations.