3CX is a software PABX based private brand exchange on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. 3CX replaces old and outdated phone system where more wiring is needed. This will ultimately reduce your costs and increase productivity and mobility. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers, and traditional PSTN lines.



Easy to manage & install:
Installing 3CX based software is so easy that you need not hire telecom technicians to do it. 3CX software also comes pre-configured with SIP phones, VoIP providers and PSTN lines helping you from the hectic configuration works.

Better customer service & productivity:
You can provide better customer service with 3CX with its improved voice clarity and automated processes. As 3CX is software based, you can make calls, record call details, etc. from computer applications. You can even make phone calls directly from your computer instead of dialing the numbers on the phone.

Eliminates phone wiring & increases cost savings:
3CX phone systems run on any windows operating system and thereby will not require any phone wiring and can utilize the existing SIP soft, hardware phones and iphones. This will make sure that phone wiring is almost eliminated and result in increased cost savings.

Greater return on investment:
This software-based 3CX will avoid the use of extra wiring, administrative set-up and space. 3CX utilizes less current and water. The automated calling process will make sure that you need not invest a large amount of money. This will result in greater returns on marginal investments. 3CX systems will also result in reduced phone bills and increased sales.

Easy-to-use with a GUI based configuration interface:
3CX phone systems has an internet or GUI based configuration system which will make you easily maintain and tine tune your phone system based on your needs and requirements.

Make phone calls from a single extension and easily build voice applications:
3CX phone systems can be operated on smart phones, Mac or Windows and all these can be integrated. This will not only make your employees make calls free of cost but will also let all to call from a single number leaving behind a professional impression.

Get advanced call features:
You can get the details of all your customers. Never miss any phone call and review how long your customers have waited in a queue before their calls have been answered by the customer care executives. You could also listen to all the calls and come up with a training module for effective and quality call handling.​